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Knowledgeable and Specialized.

Ryan Coleman
Principal Consultant

Dayspring Founder Ryan Coleman is a process consultant experienced in a wide range of security, regulatory and technology operations. With 20+ years of on-the-ground experience, he is adept at finding just the right solution to difficult questions. His expertise ranges from developing strategy to meet compliance and regulatory burden, to technical efficiency and problem solving. Familiar with startups or established blue chips, Ryan is always eager to meet the next challenge.

Alyssa Lagodney
Senior Consultant

Veteran consultant Alyssa Lagodney has been a dependable expert for Dayspring Technology since its debut over ten years ago. Her early days as a consultant centered around computer system validation clients; she’s now focused on security and compliance work. Alyssa conducts an intensive interview process to find the right answer to her clients’ needs. Her unique insights allow her to enhance a client's systems to produce the best result as efficiently as possible.

Drew A. Kirby
Principal Consultant

Drew Kirby is an Information Technology Security, Privacy, and Quality Management consultant with a passion for delivering corporate wide systems management and projects within regulated industries. He has over 20 years of experience in privacy compliance, system management, project delivery, and security implementations. In addition to being a lead implementer for privacy, quality, and information security management systems, Drew is also a OneTrust Privacy Fellow.

Brenden Ferraro

Brenden Ferraro is an expert industry consultant. His professional experience is centered around Life Sciences Process Validation, Quality Assurance Non-Conformities/CAPAs, and relentless process improvement. He is driven towards providing efficiency and quality products in the biotech and pharma universes, and is highly skilled at contextualizing his solutions and understanding the larger picture to better meet his clients’ needs.

Alexandra Boyd
Life Science and Technology Consultant

Alexandra Boyd is dedicated to serving clients across various industries. Her professional experience is in late-stage pharmaceutical and medical device product development. Alex has experience establishing and maintaining quality management systems and navigating regulatory compliance submissions. She is focused on developing meaningful client relationships to better understand company processes and implement efficient solutions.

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