All of us at Dayspring Technology are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our communities and our customers. In light of the significant changes required to combat the spread of COVID-19, Dayspring has previously enacted or put in place the following measures:

We are a 100% remote business, where all employees work from technology and security enabled home offices. Our employees are encouraged to meet company, customer, community and family needs during this challenging time.

Our digital and cloud technology is supported by industry standards, with necessary security measures and redundancy built-in to everything we do.

We are fully capable of delivering new and continuing services to our customers remotely. Assessments, audits, projects, configuration and documentation tasks will continue uninterrupted.

We have enacted staff redundancy measures for each of our customer projects in the event that our employees require prolonged medical care.

We have experience managing complex, interactive work via teleconference services and have enhanced our teleconferencing abilities in response to the current situation.

Our team has responded directly to each of our customer’s business continuity requirements, including travel schedules, protocols for onsite visits, and support needs. We will continue to meet these needs and respond to any new requests accordingly.

Dayspring has evaluated our financial risk in light of ongoing threats and vulnerabilities. We remain in a very strong position and are able to provide uninterrupted service to current and new customers through all planned work with very high confidence and without financial assistance.

Dayspring will continue to comply with all local, state and federal recommendations and emergency measures as directed.