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Root Cause Analysis In Quality Investigations

What is Root Cause Analysis in Quality Investigations?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) within an organization’s quality Investigations process allows an investigator to determine the likely cause of a non-conformity. It is important that a company routinely evaluates the components of its quality systems, including RCA, and how it meets and exceeds life sciences compliance standards.  While there are many ways to go about […]
Quality Investigations For Life Sciences Compliance Systems _ Dayspring

What Are Quality Investigations for Life Sciences Compliance Systems?

When was the last time you wrote a research or term paper? Were you evaluated on requirements like font size and theme? Spacing? And who could forget a word count? Often, extraneous requirements intended to guide continuous improvement and corrective action tasks, like investigations, cloud the value of effective analysis and investigational writing. Yes, space-conscious […]
Compliance Solutions For Life Sciences

Compliance Solutions for Life Sciences: Intended Use of Computer Software Assurance

Many companies looking for compliance solutions for life sciences systems are leaning heavily toward Computer Software Assurance (CSA). However, there are several things to keep in mind before implementing them into your systems.  When getting started with CSA, companies should first determine the intended use of the software. This term is discussed in the Code […]
Good Sources Of Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

Good Sources of Strategic CTI

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is the discipline of obtaining and filtering information regarding the occurrence and assessment of technical, operational, and physical threats in global cyberspace.
ISO 27001:2022

When Should You Act on ISO 27001:2022?

In October of this year, the ISO Information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection subcommittee (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27) released ISO 27001:2022 and supporting guidance documentation.
Cyber Security Compliance Controls For ISO

ISO 27001:2022: Adjusting to New and Merged Annex SL and Annex A Controls

With the recent release of ISO27001:2022, the full extent of both new and merged cyber security compliance is finally clear! Most InfoSec bloggers have pointed out the Annex A reshuffle from 14 domains to 4 clauses (Organizational, People, Physical and Technological), and the resource tables in the appendices of ISO27002:2022 map old to new controls. […]
New ISO27002:2022 Cybersecurity Controls

New Controls in ISO27002:2022

Earlier this year, the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 released ISO27002:2022. This guidance document gives us some insight into what the new ISO 27001 standard will look like, and some good changes are coming! It appears that the number of Annex controls will drop from 114 to 93 and 11 of the Annex controls are a […]
Cybersecurity Changes Of ISO27001_2022

Complying With The Changes to ISO27001:2022 A “How To” Guide

Cybersecurity Changes are Coming Earlier this year, the ISO Information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection subcommittee (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27) released ISO27002:2022. This guidance document gives us some insight into what the new ISO 27001 standard will look like, and some good changes are coming. Many industry experts and consulting firms have shared their take […]
Regulations for Cookie Compliance

Cookie Compliance: Brazilian General Data Protection Law and Other US Privacy Acts

Cookie compliance is essential for all businesses collecting consumer data. Cookies are a tracking technology utilized by internet web browsers for user personalization. Cookies track site sessions to streamline the consumer’s experience and also acquire personal data. It’s important to consider data privacy laws when utilizing cookies for gathering or selling personal data. Laws to […]
CCPA Compliance

Breaking Down CCPA Compliance

Data privacy laws can have many nuances but it’s crucial that your business adheres to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance. In this article, we break down CCPA requirements and how they affect your business. California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA was approved by the state of California in 2018 and affects organizations that collect, retain, […]
What Is GDPR Compliance_

What is GDPR Compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation derived from international privacy and human rights laws and GDPR Compliance is essential for businesses located in the European Union (EU) and/or serving clients in the EU.  History of GDPR The GDPR was approved by the (EU) in 2016 and protects an individual’s personal data by establishing […]

Data Protection Compliance: The Alphabet Soup of Privacy Laws

How Do Organizations Support Data Protection Compliance? Over the past several years, data protection compliance laws have expanded. Here at the top privacy laws to be aware of. Top Privacy Laws CCPA/CPRA California Consumer Privacy Act/California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) CPA  Colorado Privacy Act  UCPA  Utah Consumer Privacy Act  VCDPA  Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act GDPR  […]

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