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Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

An Overview of Strategic Threat Intelligence

Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is the discipline of obtaining and filtering information regarding the occurrence and assessment of cyber, operational, and physical threats in global cyberspace. This white paper will cover: Strengthening Your Information Security Program Through Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Good Sources of Strategic CTI

What is the New ISO 27001:2022 Standard?

With the rollout of ISO 27001:2022, new standards for cybersecurity controls mean changes to the way you do your business. This white paper will cover: Complying with Control Changes to ISO 27001:2022 When should you act on ISO 27001:2022? Adjusting to Annex SL and Annex A Controls New Controls in ISO 27002 Discover how to […]

Alphabet Soup of Privacy Laws

Data protection compliance laws have continued to evolve over the past several years. It’s crucial your business is aware of these changes to stay in compliance. This white paper covers: Overview of Data Protection Compliance Laws GDPR Compliance CCPA Compliance Regulations for Cookie Compliance

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